50 Micron Orange Tamper Evident Non Transfer Void Open Vinyl Roll Material

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50 Micron Tamper Evident Orange Non Transfer Void Open Vinyl Roll Material

Non residue tamper evident VOID label material used printing warranty VOID/OPEN VOID label and securityseals, we made the topcoated on the material, it is good printing effect support UV inks printing, water based inks printing for polyester film, barcode printing,offset printing and various printing methods. Before removed the label, we can not see preset security message ” VOID ” or ” OPEN VOID “. After removed, non glue leave on the surface of objects, but the surface of the film show clear VOID/OPEN VOID text.We also can accept customized security message in any texts or patterns instead of  ” VOID ” or ” OPEN VOID ” universal version.

orange non residue void material



Jacrown’s void material all have 6 layers:

1.Top coating (good printing effect)
2.Face-material (PET,25micron/36micron/50micron for choice)
3.Tamper Evident Message (stock type:VOID/OPEN VOID,custom type:any test or pattens)
4.Color (any colors available)
5.Release Liner (70g glasiness)

VOID材料结构图Technical Parameters

Jacrown® Non Transfer VOID OPEN Material

Facestock Film Material: PET/PE
Thickness: 25micron/36micron/50micron
Color: Red/Blue/Orange/Yellow/Green/Black/White/Silver/Hologram/Custom
Printability: Excellent
Adhesive Material: Acrylic/Removable
Thickness: 46um ± 2um
Coating Weight: 82g±3g
Initial Adhesion: 5# ball
Ultimate Adhesion: 36hours↑
Peel Strength: 4N↑
Suitable Temperature: -20℃~40℃
Realease Material: Glassine
Thickness: 70um±3um
Basic Weight: 80gsm
Color: Semi-transparent
Smoothness Excellent
Roll Core Size Diameter: 7.6cm
Jumbo Roll Size Width: 53cm
Length: 500m

Transfer Type Option

transfer type

We have three transfer methods to choose from, depending on the use, choose the most suitable material for your product packaging to achieve the most perfect effect.

1. Total transfer type – commonly used for non-recyclable packaging, such as important document envelopes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products packaged in paper or carton.
2. Partial transfer type – commonly used in corona treated PE bags, glossy paper and high energy plastic package.
3. Non transfer type – commonly used for high energy surfaces such as glass and metal, car doors, aircraft doors, computers, cell phones and other electronics.

Colors Option

color option

Usually we keep the usual colors of tamper evident void label materials in stock, it can also be customized according to the customer’s requirements, it can even accept two colors, three colors up to four custom colors.

Hidden Message Option

hidden message option


Jacrow have “VOID” and “OPEN VOID” hidden message type of tamper evident void label materials stock usually, we also accept customized hidden message as per your requirements, it could be in any text and patterns, and the colors also could be in any what you want.

Main Applications


The Tamper evident void label has a wide range of applications and can be applied to any asset and brand that needs to be protected against tampering and theft, it is usually used in the following industries:

1. Transportation industry – mainly used on the outer packaging of products, including cartons, pallets, plastic boxes, metal drums and any packaging surface. Prevent shunting, tampering and being opened during transport.

2. Electronics industry – mainly used to make warranty stickers for electronics. Prevents electronics from opening themselves for repair during the warranty period.

3. Pharmaceutical industry – can be used for any pharmaceutical products, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies.

4. Government and Finance – Primarily used to prevent government and bank important documents and items from being opened in transit.


1.10 years experience manufactuing and trading combo
2.7 days fast delivery have large stock
3.Customized solutions are available
4.Competitive price based on high quality


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