What should I pay attention to when customizing anti-counterfeit labels?

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Nowadays, online shopping has become an indispensable part of life, but the issue of the authenticity of the products bought back online is worrying consumers. Many merchants have also noticed this, and have made great efforts in counterfeiting, and the most widely used anti-counterfeiting method is to attach anti-counterfeiting labels. Anti-counterfeiting labels are an effective method to identify the authenticity of goods, including anti-counterfeiting technology labels such as missing water, missing high temperature, and buried thread. However, there are still many companies that are not clear about how the anti-counterfeit labels are customized. Today, we will loosen the anti-counterfeit to explain what we need to pay attention to in the anti-counterfeit label customization!
In communication with ordinary customers, many customers think that anti-counterfeit labels are readily available and can be used immediately. In fact, the ready-made anti-counterfeit label is just a model for viewing and verification. So how long does it take to customize security labels?
Generally, anti-counterfeit labels can be manufactured within two days, but the design of anti-counterfeit labels and the choice of anti-counterfeiting technology are involved. The production time is about 7 to 15 days. Before the anti-counterfeit label is customized, the anti-counterfeiting company will put forward three requirements to you:
1. Provide valid certificates of commodity companies, such as company business licenses, tax registration certificates, trademark registration certificates, production licenses, etc. with official seals.
2. Provide product logo and QR code. The anti-counterfeiting company can plan a variety of anti-counterfeiting labels that the company can satisfy for customers to choose based on the anti-counterfeiting technical requirements of customers for anti-counterfeiting marks and the product packaging status. The customer selects and plans the anti-counterfeiting label and signs the plan draft.
3. Sign an anti-counterfeiting agreement. The company and the anti-counterfeiting company have signed an agreement for the manufacture of anti-counterfeit labels and a network access contract. The network access contract specifies the rights and responsibilities of both ends. Signing an anti-counterfeiting agreement requires both sides to sign and affix their official seals.
Shenzhen Jieguan Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. Customized anti-counterfeiting label process:
1. Wash the printed film, wash off the dust on the film and the fingerprints left on the hand when you take it. After washing, it will be printed on the machine, and the color will be taught after the machine is on, until the color value of the label follows the draft. Perhaps after the colors in the actual sample are fully matched, printing will start.
2. After the die-cutting wire mesh is completed, the next process is die-cutting.
3. The confirmation of the shape of the anti-counterfeit label is based on the customer's request for various shapes, such as square, rectangle, circle and ellipse.
4. After the inkjet printing is finished, start to use the inkjet printer to print on the label; after the code is sprayed, someone will pick the code to pick out the ones that are not sprayed or may be incomplete or the spray is not good. Marker pen for symbols; if there is a customer demand for lamination here, it can be completed here.
5. In addition to the phone, LOGO, address, etc., the label also needs to add various anti-counterfeiting technologies required by the customer. The most common are ultra-micro ions, miniature text, super line shading, information encryption, anti-counterfeiting decoding, fluorescent use, etc. Add the company's anti-counterfeiting system to the label.
6. After the wire mesh code is picked, the wire mesh operation should be carried out. The wire mesh can be scraped silver and black.
7. Inspect the goods and send the finished product to the customer, let the customer see the real effect and need improvement, and start mass production if there is no problem.
8. Finally, package and deliver to the place requested by the customer.

Post time: Jul-06-2020
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