What is Security Void Labels?

Void security label is a symbol of identity, after it can let us quickly distinguish whether it is, although this kind of label in our life heard less, but used in every local life, Void security label is what kind of security query label?​

Void anti – false label is a kind of opened (opened to stay word) anti – false material label, can prevent unauthorized uncovering, moving, and then stick, more used for logistics label, security seal, seal.VOID anti – false label, a loss, a loss is now.It then reaches the fidelity intent and provides automatic verification. 


1, What is void security label ? 

The materials based on the anti-counterfeiting label, open type VOID anti-counterfeiting material, also known as anti-counterfeiting mold, is a kind of substrate for most of the plastic film reminder type anti-counterfeiting material.Including lifting the hollow left text, left a picture;Uncover the layer and flash hidden content between layers to prevent unauthorized uncovering, moving, and reposting. More used for logistics label, security seal label, seal;Layer is used for code security label, based on the label, such as the upturned, will be from the surface of the pre-set text or picture. 

2, What features of void security label?
(1)the surface material can be selected according to the printing method, the surface of the substrate and other actual needs of double-coated paper, OPP, PE, PET, PO, etc. The base material can be made into white, dumb silver, light silver or other colors, but also can be made into colorful effect. 
(2)the surface material can be coated according to the printing method. The surface of the treated base material has outstanding printing and printing functions, and is resistant to chemical reagent and abrasion.Can save printing carbon strip, reduce printing press loss;Offset printing, UV printing, gravure printing and other printing methods can show outstanding printing role 
(3)when the label is torn off from the surface of the adhesive, the pre-set text or picture of the Void security label substrate is detached from the substrate and kept intact in the surface of the adhesive, the torn substrate and font cannot be recovered. 
(4)the preset font mode in the base material can be all text, pictures, but also other designated by the customer, layout.Selection, layout, the earth to enhance anti-counterfeiting effect, improve the corporate image. VOID security labels in the open will leave such as: “VOID, VOID OPENED” and so on, and then reach the intention of fidelity, a loss, a loss is now known true and false and repeated use of the characteristics. 

3, What function introduction of void security label?
(1)anti-counterfeiting: according to the version of the content of the distinction between true and false. 
(2)anti-theft: used in logistics, letters, express delivery, sealing, etc. 
(3)warranty: as a basis for the use, to prevent non-industry personnel to open the case without permission, without approval to open the warranty, to avoid the result of consumers to open the result of the dispute with the manufacturer. 

4, Where is void security label use scale?

Appearance off the class labels from bearing sticky things, base material preset text or graphics is a base material separation and intact retains the tile in bearing appearance, pull open after the base material and font cannot be restored, so Void anti-counterfeit labels, used in making all kinds of sealing label, prevent peel label, warranty card, such as labels, in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, chemical industry, shopping malls, domain, etc, have to identify the unauthorized or illegal turn over the phenomenon of banned items, provide consumers with quality to ensure that enhance the user an identity of products are determined. 

Void anti-counterfeiting label is following ultra destructible paper, laser holography, anti-counterfeiting ink, anti-counterfeiting paper and other products after the anti-counterfeiting, a revolution in the field, broke the traditional anti-counterfeiting product brief easy copy limitations, completed the identification of a brief, safe and reliable anti-counterfeiting approach, for the progress of social benefits, the standard market provides a strong background.

Post time: Sep-24-2019
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