Labelexpo Asia 2023 Concluded Successfully


As the first Asian International Label printing exhibition held after the epidemic. The 2023 Asia International Label Printing Exhibition took place at Shanghai New International Expo Center from December 5-8, featuring over 380 exhibitors from around the world showcasing the new vitality of the label packaging printing industry.

This year’s Asia International Label Printing Exhibition not only marked its 20th anniversary but also effectively showcased a range of new products and technologies, including digital printing technology, hybrid printing technology, wide format flexo/offset printing technology for label and flexible packaging printing, automated production processes for pre-press, printing and post-press operations. Additionally, environmentally friendly and sustainable innovative inks, adhesives, self-adhesive materials, RFID technology along with other advanced technologies and software were presented.


The exhibition attracted a total of 26,742 professional visitors from 93 countries and regions compared to 23,636 professional visitors from 90 countries in 2019—an overall increase of visitor numbers by13.1%. In addition to domestic attendees,the number of overseas visitors also significantly rose with Russia,South Korea,Malaysia ,Indonesia,and India being among those with highest representation.

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As an exhibitor at this event,Jacrown Anti-counterfeiting displayed our main products as usual: TAMPER EVIDENT VOID MATERIAL,TAMPER EVIDENT VOID TAPE,and ULTRA DESTRUCTIBLE VINYL.Moreover,the introduction of our newly developed HIGH TEMPERATURE MATERIAL received positive feedback from both existing and potential customers at local and abroad.

Post time: Apr-08-2024
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