Brief description of anti-counterfeit labels

Nowadays, the market is flooded with a lot of counterfeit products, and the slightly sold, small well-known products will face the risk of being counterfeited. The rampant counterfeit products will not only affect the company’s brand reputation, but also reduce consumer recognition of the brand. Therefore, only enterprises that allow consumers to truly distinguish the authenticity of their products can they do it once and for all, and the way for consumers to distinguish the authenticity of their products is through anti-counterfeiting labels.

Anti-counterfeiting labels are the last bastion of enterprises, but if this fortress is not strong, it will have to stand the test. When consulting anti-counterfeiting products, many companies often ask salespersons to quote directly, and then compare the prices of other anti-counterfeit label production companies to choose anti-counterfeit labels, but it is an irresponsible practice to just look at the price. , As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, cheap and good things are almost non-existent.

As a general anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting labels have no fixed specific quotation.

The price of anti-counterfeiting labels is determined according to the requirements of the enterprise, including the size, quantity, technical characteristics and difficulty of printing technology. Different anti-counterfeiting label production companies have different requirements for anti-counterfeiting labels, so the quotation is also It will be different, just from the appearance of the anti-counterfeiting label, sometimes it looks the same, but the printing technology and anti-counterfeiting technology involved are very different. General standard and professional anti-counterfeiting companies make specific and reasonable quotations based on the practical needs of customers.
However, some companies that make anti-counterfeiting labels are not hesitating to fight price wars in order to make profits. In order to attract customers, they repeatedly lower their quotations. However, low-priced anti-counterfeit labels are exchanged for inferior products, which contain elements such as materials, technology, details, etc. It will certainly not be innovative. Such anti-counterfeiting labels are substandard and can be easily attacked. As the last fortress of the enterprise, if it can be easily broken by others, how much effect can such a fortress play? Therefore, companies must be cautious when choosing an anti-counterfeiting label production company. Don’t just care about the price. Professional companies will customize the label according to the needs of the company. And the storage environment will have an impact.

Anti-counterfeiting labels are now widely used in the market, including clothing, footwear, products, food, wine, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, light industry, electrical appliances and other industries. Therefore, the demand for anti-counterfeiting labels is also increasing. , There are not a few companies paying attention to the price of anti-counterfeiting labels. But the more this is the case, the more companies have to keep their eyes open when choosing anti-counterfeiting companies. At present, there are many workshop-style anti-counterfeiting companies in the industry. The tag becomes an umbrella for counterfeiters.

Post time: Aug-06-2021
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