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  • Cov neeg koom tes thoob plaws
    lub teb chaws USA

Yog vim li cas thiaj xaiv peb

  • Manufacturing And Trading Combo

    Shenzhen Jacrown Anti-cuav Technology Co., LTD. yog ib tug high-tech enterprise, ntawm cov kev tshawb fawb, kev loj hlob, ntau lawm thiab muag khoom ntawm tshiab anti-counterfeiting nplaum cov ntaub ntawv.

  • 10 Years Old Workshop

    Ten years old workshop, representing the spirit of the old craftsmen, according to incomplete statistics, 50 million square meters of materials from this workshop safely delivered to the customer.

  • R&D Team

    Jacrown R&D Team is dedicated to perfection and innovation.They have rich experience in packaging, printing, self-adhesive materials, especially tamper evident label materials have a unique research,they are application in transportation, medicine, electronics and other different fields, for countless customers to provide solutions.

  • Quality Control

    As China’s premier manufacturer, Jacrown pays much attention on quality control.We have a large number of inventory support, under the condition of stable quality can quickly respond to delivery, from the raw materials to the production to the delivery of each link has strict control and tracking, to ensure that each batch of materials to the customer.

peb Blog

  • What should I pay attention to when customizing anti-counterfeit labels?

    Custom Warranty Void If Opened Security Labels,Tamper Evident Void Stickers With Serials Numbers Printing Nowadays, online shopping has become an indispensable part of life, but...

  • Against COVID -19,What Can Jacrown’s Tamper Evident Label And Tape Do?

    In this special situation, counterfeit products are more reckless, and how to protect your brand and assets is particularly important, Jacrown can provide the following help for your goods,assets and brand protection: 1) Pharmaceutical Industry Under the influence of coronavirus, pharmaceutical ...

  • Would you come?Asia’s largest event for label and package printers is returning to Shanghai

    WHY VISIT? Labelexpo Asia is the largest event for the label and package printing industry in the region- with more products, more launches and more live demonstrations! WHAT WOULD WE SHOW? Different kinds of tamper evident labels materials and label samples,such as tamper evident void label ma...

  • Yuav ua li cas yog Security tsis muaj dabtsis ntawv?

    Tsis muaj dabtsis kev ruaj ntseg daim ntawv lo yog ib lub cim ntawm tus kheej, tom qab nws yuav qhia rau peb sai sai txawv seb nws yog, txawm hais tias qhov no zoo ntawm daim ntawv lo nyob rau hauv peb lub neej hnov ​​tsawg, tab sis siv nyob rau hauv txhua txhua lub zos lub neej, tsis muaj dabtsis kev ruaj ntseg daim ntawv lo yog zoo li cas ntawm kev ruaj ntseg cov lus nug ntawm daim ntawv lo? tsis muaj dabtsis anti - cuav daim ntawv lo yog ib yam ntawm cov qhib (opene ...

  • Introduction ntawm Self Adhesive ntawv

    Self-nplaum kuj hu ua nws tus kheej-nplaum daim ntawv lo cov ntaub ntawv, daim ntawv, zaj duab xis los yog tshwj xeeb ntaub ntawv raws li fabrics, coated nrog nplaum nyob tom qab, nrog coated silicon tiv thaiv daim ntawv raws li lub thaub qab daim ntawv ntawm ib tug puas material.Because muaj ntau ntau hom txheej technology , coj mus rau txawv chav kawm ntawv, s ...

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